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This 5 lb Yorkie Gave Birth – How is this possible?

This video showcases the love of humans for their beloved Yorkie during her difficult time giving birth!

This Yorkie Gave Birth To 3 Cute Puppies!

Yorkie parents Oakley and Miley gave birth to 3 puppies. What a hectic weekend!

Meet Lucy, the World’s Smallest Working Dog (Guinness Record)

It will take exactly 1 second for you to fall in love with little Lucy. Her adorableness is contagious and I am so glad

This Teacup Yorkie is Only 1.5 lbs

This is such an adorable puppy! I hope he is in a good home right now - watch his cuteness on video.

Adorable Tiny Yorkie Thinks She’s a Pig

Emmie the Yorkie doesn't know why grass isn't tasty. When she sees her Pig sister Charlotte eating grass like a pig, she tries to

Cute Yorkie Becomes Jealous of Stuffed Toy Dog

After arriving home with a new friend. This little Yorkie was not impressed with his owner's idea of a joke!

Yorkie Saved by Teenager From Hawk Attack

It was a life-or-death struggle in a family backyard between a hawk and a little Yorkie.

Yorkies galore!

What is life without our Yorkies? A life that isn’t as fun nor comforting.