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9 Things Your Yorkie Dreams About At Night

Have you ever watched your furry little companion as they sleep and wondered what they could be dreaming about? A recent study conducted by

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Yorkies are already small, but how much does a mini Yorkie cost?

12 Hilarious Reasons Why Yorkies Are Not to Be Trusted

They may be cute but don't let that fool you!

Data Confirms Yorkie Owners Are Happier Than People Without Yorkies 

How could anyone disagree?

Scientific Evidence Shows That Your Yorkie Can Adopt Your Personality with Time

The results speak for themselves

Today is my 2nd Birthday!!

Hi everyone, guess what? Today is my second birthday.

Why are Yorkies so Cute?

It's much more than just their looks!

Stolen Yorkie Reunited with Owner 13 YEARS Later

13 years ago, Karen Fox witnessed someone steal her Yorkie out of her garden. Today she is reunited with her Yorkie!

Yorkie Stolen From Couple on Anniversary trip is Finally Reunited

In San Francisco, a 10-year-old Yorkie was stolen right from a young couple's car. They have finally been reuinted!