Yorkie Saved by Teenager From Hawk Attack

A Yorkie’s fight for survival was captured on home video when a Hawk spotted the little dog in her backyard.

Lulu the Yorkie was minding her own business when a massive predator bird flew down from the skies.

Lulu’s Yorkie brother watched in horror as the events unfolded.

That’s when Cecilia Celis, 15 – who observed the entire thing sprang into action to save her Yorkie sister.

She hit the Hawk as hard as she could with a cushion and became the hero of the day.

She said the Hawk had hurt little Lulu but she managed to take her to the vet just in time!

Thank goodness for that, it would have been a totally different situation if the Hawk was not spotted in time.

Cecilia says she will be keeping her dogs inside more often now that she’s aware of the danger of large birds.

Watch the video below:

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This just goes to show you how quickly things can drastically change in life… Keep your Yorkies safe everybody.

If you live in an area that has predatory birds around, make sure you are supervising your Yorkies when they are in the garden or outside in general.

To large predatory birds, Yorkies are a good sized meal and with no human in sight to protect them – they are an unfortunate easy target.

It is sad to say that most often in these cases – humans are not there to save their Yorkies because they are distracted with something inside.

In this case however due to the commotion caused by Lulu’s Yorkie brother and the epic fight that Lulu gave back to the hawk, Cecelia was able to save her Yorkie just in time.

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It may just save a Yorkie’s life one day. You never know!

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