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Goodbye to Teddy, a Heartwarming Memorial Video

Teddy only wanted to brighten everyone's day.

Yorkie Has Hilarious Humping Session with a Stuffed Bunny (VIDEO)

A delightfully funny video has recently emerged online, showing a lovable Yorkshire Terrier engaging in an adorable display of affection with its favorite toy

Adorably Sassy Yorkie Gets Amazing Grooming Transformation

This is truly adorable.

Meet Otto the Yorkie in Search of a Forever Home

Source: WKRG Introducing our Featured Companion: Meet Otto, an adorable four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier! Otto’s journey began at a local shelter before finding his way

Yorkie’s Ecstatic Reaction to Seeing Dad After 2 Weeks Is Beyond Precious

This video will melt even the coldest of hearts!

9 Types Of Yorkshire Terrier Colors / Find Out Which Yorkie Has a Short Life Span

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Is this the Smartest Yorkie Puppy Ever?

It is almost unbelievable how intelligent this Yorkshire Terrier is.

Male Yorkie Vs Female Yorkie

Explaining the differences between the male and female Yorkshire Terrier.

Anxious Yorkie Needs Attention from Mom

Poor little Yorkie is shaking uncontrollably, needs love!