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Yorkie Wins Charity Event with Adorable Trick

Imagine going to a dog show for fun and finishing in the top three!

Tiny Yorkie Helps Farmers Herd Goats

Now you've seen it all.

Yorkie Dad Plays With His Son

The video below features the moment a male Yorkie is captured adorably playing with his little puppy. Prepare your eyes and your heart because

Yorkie Loves Riding Bicycle with Mom

Yorkies are also known to be excellent cyclists, didn't you know?

Yorkie Meets Puppy for the First Time

Watch the moment an older male Yorkie meets his new baby sister.

Yorkie Siblings Play Tug of War

How many times can you watch Yorkies play tug of war before it gets old? Infinite.

Yorkie Politely Asks Mom for Handshake

Yorkies are more polite than some people. Here is the evidence.

Yorkie Has Time of His Life in the Snow 

We all need to deal with life the way this Yorkie deals with the snow.

Cute Yorkie Rides in a Backpack 

Walking is boring. This Yorkie convinced his parents carry him everywhere!