We are YorkieVideos. Our goal is to build a sustainable library consisting of nothing except original videos, articles and stories of Yorkies.

Why Yorkies? Yorkshire Terriers are our passion and obsession. I know fellow Yorkie owners are just as dedicated to Yorkies as I am and therefore I put together this site.

To bring us as Yorkie owners together in one place to spend our precious time watching videos of Yorkies!

After all, who wouldn’t want to watch new videos of Yorkies each day? It’s addictive.

In addition, I strive to research information on Yorkies to share valuable insights that will help out all fellow Yorkie owners – making their relationships with their dogs more smooth and happy.

Our main purpose here is to unite Yorkshire Terrier owners no matter their location, race, age or gender – our common purpose is we all love Yorkies!

My name is Robert Shepherd and as the site owner I make it my mission to research everything I can about Yorkies to provide only valuable and insightful information about the breed. If I can help you as a Yorkie owner – then I do it!

I also collect original videos from Yorkie owners who send them to me, then I upload them and write information about the videos with permission. I love doing this every day.

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