This Yorkie Gave Birth To 3 Cute Puppies!

Yorkie parents Oakley and Miley gave birth to 3 puppies. How exciting!

The entire process was filmed for all of us to see. How lucky are we?

Watch the video below:

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Here is some useful information about signs to look out for if you think your Yorkie may be pregnant:

Be aware

It is important to know what to look out for and if you notice any signs that your female Yorkie is pregnant, you should immediately begin giving extra care to her to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.

Sluggishness: If your female Yorkie is behaving with less energy than usual, appears lazy or not her usual self – this is a first indicator of a potential pregnancy.

Firm Stomach: Humans want firm stomachs for fitness and tone. Yorkies on the other hand have firm stomachs when things are not normal – check her stomach to see if it is harder or more firm than usual.

Large Nipples: This happens quite quickly after initial pregnancy and will be quite obvious. Also nipples that may have been unnoticed by you may appear or ‘pop’ out as the weeks go by.

Compulsive Grooming: Your Yorkie may begin cleaning herself a lot more than usual and this will be easy to spot especially if your Yorkie doesn’t groom herself much to begin with.

Nesting: Your Yorkie might be hoarding items in a safe, soft and specific area in order to prepare for her eventual birthing phase.

There you have it, some helpful information about what to look out for to determine whether your Yorkie is pregnant or not.

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