Yorkies galore!

What is life without our Yorkies? A life that isn’t as fun nor comforting.

Most Yorkie parents will know this – Yorkies are the best dogs for bringing comfort when we are down or having bad days. They just seem to know. Perhaps it’s easy to tell for some of us, however the Yorkie’s intuition plays a big role.

The simple truth is: Your Yorkie loves you.

Happy Yorkie loves their human

I created this website so we could all share the love of our Yorkies in one place!

Life could not get better than getting to watch Yorkie videos all day (in between playing with our own Yorkies).

Chances are, if you are on this website then you likely agree!


Life with Yorkies in it is very rewarding. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that though. In addition, it does take some work – to be a great Owner and Yorkie parent you must be prepared to do some research and connect with other Yorkie owners who may be able to help you with any issues you may have.

That is why I created the Yorkie Club – Facebook group. For everyone interested in Yorkies – specifically Yorkie owners to come together and share their love of the breed. You are certainly welcome to join!

We have 59 000 active members for a reason – we know Yorkies. And we love Yorkies!

A house without a Yorkie in it is a house that is not as happy. You can trust me on that because I have three of my own Yorkies and with each one the hapiness and joy in my life has increased and multiplied with each.

Of course everybody is different and if you only have one Yorkie, that is totally up to you! I’m not judging! However I know that once you get some more Yorkies you will truly feel what I am saying: because when it comes to Yorkshire Terriers, the more of them, the merrier!

This website is in place to bring together the best posts and stories from that group and make it accessible to all, in order to help bring information and awareness about anything regarding Yorkies to the world. In addition all Yorkie content found throughout the internet will be placed here for the purpose of having one big Online Yorkie collection! Over time this website will evolve.

We can’t wait to begin covering daily Yorkie videos and Stories!

We would love to feature your Yorkies on our website and Facebook group!

Here’s a link to our Yorkie group!

I hope you’re as excited as we are!

See you on the other side 🙂