Meet Lucy, the World’s Smallest Working Dog (Guinness Record)

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It will take exactly 1 second for you to fall in love with little Lucy.

Her adorableness is palpable – I am positive you agree! The way she sticks her tongue out, her playful nature and happy aura are contagious.

Gabe just wants to sleep! But Lucy isn’t listening – Lucy wants to play:

Credit: youtube

Her little tail wagging, her adorable sneeze! I’m in love already.

Anybody who doesn’t have a Yorkie, or whom has never had a Yorkie ever – will see this video and instantly realize the draw that people have to Yorkies.

No mommy I dont want to sleep yet!

Credit: youtube

Yorkies look like little interactive teddy bears with straighter hair. Just look at their adorable eyes! I can not get enough of it when I see an adorable Yorkie – And Lucy takes the cake.

Okay if you want to sleep then I will try my best!

Credit: youtube

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