This Teacup Yorkie is Only 1.5 lbs

This Teacup Yorkie is Only 1.5 lbs - featured image

This little Yorkshire Terrier puppy is what is known as a ‘teacup’ Yorkie.

It is only 1.5 lbs or 0.68 kg! That is absolutely insane.

The video is below and it will absolutely make you fall in love all over again with our favorite dog breed: Yorkies.

However I must mention in the spirit of good information, that Teacup Yorkies are known to have more health issues than “regular” Yorkies.

Why is this? Because their tiny bodies are not naturally capable or supporting themselves – Teacup Yorkies are not normal.

Some breeders will try hard to get the smallest Yorkie puppies possible – to advertise them as a Teacup Yorkie and then sell for higher prices.

They do this by selecting naturally smaller Yorkie adults to mate and then just due to nature – the puppies end up being smaller and smaller as the cycle continues.

However some Yorkie puppies are born absolutely tiny just by nature – these are also referred to as Teacup Yorkies by many.

And unfortunately they also carry the higher risk of having more health conditions and shorter life spans than regular “normal” Yorkies.

Watch the video of this 1.5 lb puppy below:

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Even though this video is of an adorable Yorkie puppy.

I can not look past the fact that this owner is being rough with this Yorkie by enticing it to come out of it’s little dog house.

With the purpose of getting the little poor baby on camera in order to sell it.

Very sad! But that is the society we live in and alas, we have a video of a cute Yorkie puppy so we shouldn’t complain too much.

NOTE: To all Yorkie breeders. This is not how you should handle a Yorkie puppy – don’t grab it by its neck like you’re trying to be Randy Orton.

Be loving and kind to your little puppy, stop commercialising these living breathing dogs like they’re dollar signs.

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