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Emotional Reunion: Lost Dog’s Miraculous 19-Day Survival in Wilderness After Fatal Wreck

Source: Bring Bentley Home Samantha Orr experienced a devastating tragedy during a family trip to Colorado when her mother, Jennifer, lost her life. The

Anxious Yorkie Needs Attention from Mom

Poor little Yorkie is shaking uncontrollably, needs love!

Rosie & Posie In Need Of Adoption – Davie, FL

These two sweet girls need forever homes. Could it be you?

90+ Yorkies Found Living in Filth in Single House, Owners Charged

In California, USA - a grisly discovery was made at a home. Over 90 Yorkshire Terriers were found having been abused, neglected and left

Yorkie Saves Young Girl from Coyote Attack

A 10 year old girl was saved from a coyote attack by her brave Yorkshire Terrier!

Yorkie is Saved by CPR from his Dad

After being found lifeless, this Yorkie was given CPR by his dad. Find out what happened!

Stolen Yorkie Reunited with Owner 13 YEARS Later

13 years ago, Karen Fox witnessed someone steal her Yorkie out of her garden. Today she is reunited with her Yorkie!

Yorkie Saves Bird from Freezing to Death

Screenshot: Youtube Not all heroes wear capes! Some wear collars. Our precious Yorkies can be heroic in their own way. When we come home

3-Year-Old kept safe by Yorkie after Getting Lost in Cornfield Overnight

After enjoying the sunshine and swing set in her front yard, an adorable 3 year old named Remy wandered off into the gargantuan cornfield