Goodbye to Teddy, a Heartwarming Memorial Video

Goodbye to Teddy, a Heartwarming Memorial Video featured image

Photo: TeddyYorkies

The video below features a truly touching memorial to a special little Yorkie named Teddy.

From watching the video you can see that all Teddy wanted in life was to love his family.

He didn’t ask for much except to be loved in return.

Make sure to have some tissues handy while watching, this video may make you shed a few tears.

Watch the sweet video below:

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After reading the description of the video, and watching the video afterwards, it truly paints a sad and heartbreaking scene:

“In loving memory of our most special baby teddy.

He was 9 years old when his life was taken by another dog, he will always be remembered.”

Poor little Teddy only wanted to enjoy his time with his family, and one day his life got cut short by another larger dog.

It truly is one of those excruciating situations.

I feel so sorry for Teddy’s family, who have had to suffer and only have these short videos and photos of their beloved baby Teddy.

Please hold your little Yorkies near to you, as this unfortunate situation happens a little too often for comfort.

As we all know, Yorkshire Terriers are fragile and need us to protect them.

They truly are like children, we must constantly make sure they are safe.

Rest in peace, Teddy. Your light brightened up the world not only for your family but for countless others who have watched this video.

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