Anxious Yorkie Needs Attention from Mom

The Yorkie in this video is definitely in the top ten cutest Yorkies we have featured.

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The Yorkie in this video is definitely a little bit anxious.

You can tell that by the way they keep looking around and shivering.

I wouldn’t be concerned though, I guarantee this Yorkie is healthy and happy.

Why do Yorkshire Terriers shake or shiver?

Despite what some may think, a Yorkie that shakes or shivers is actually quite common.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t an underlying cause, it just means it isn’t always something that can easily be addressed.

One reason Yorkies shake so much is simply that they are cold.

A Yorkie that has been groomed and had their hair cut, exposing their skin – will often shake because they are a little bit cold.

Shaking helps the body’s internal temperature warm up slightly.

Another reason Yorkies shake is stress.

Yorkies can feel stressed for many reasons. Has something changed recently in their daily routine?

Are their strangers nearby or people who are unfamiliar to your Yorkie?

A Yorkie can be stressed for many different reasons just like us as humans.

The key to figuring out if your Yorkie is stressed and why, is to be alert and aware of their behaviour.

And yes, take note of things that change in your Yorkies daily routine.

Dogs are known for enjoying predictability. If something is new and is a change in their routine then that alone can trigger a stress response.

Over time, your dog may deal with stress better but not all the time.

It is a journey, a work in progress just like it is for all of us humans too.

Just like I mentioned above, there are a myriad of reasons a Yorkie could shake.

From nausea, pain or old age all the way to simply being excited and emotional.

One thing you can do that is useful is to set up a little camera where you Yorkie usually sleeps when you are not home.

Zoom in on your Yorkie to see if they are shaking when you are not present.

Sometimes your Yorkie will become so ecstatic when you arrive home that their body has to deal with that excessive rush of emotion. In these cases, your Yorkies shivering should subside an hour or two after you are home.

A special thanks to Jennifer Weber Rakowski for uploading this video to The Yorkie Club.

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