Emotional Reunion: Lost Dog’s Miraculous 19-Day Survival in Wilderness After Fatal Wreck

Unimaginable: Dog Lost for 19 Days in Wilderness, Emotional Reunion with Mom featured image

Source: Bring Bentley Home

Samantha Orr experienced a devastating tragedy during a family trip to Colorado when her mother, Jennifer, lost her life.

The unfortunate incident occurred when a large rock unexpectedly plummeted onto the road ahead of Jennifer’s jeep, causing her to swerve uncontrollably.

The vehicle careened 600 feet down the mountainside, resulting in Jennifer’s fatal accident. Samantha, on the other hand, sustained severe injuries, including displaced ribs and compressed vertebrae.

Compounding Samantha’s anguish was the presence of her beloved Goldendoodle named Bentley, who was also in the jeep at the time of the crash.

Samantha recollected Bentley being thrown from the vehicle during the chaotic incident but had no knowledge of his whereabouts afterward.

In an effort to locate Bentley and bring him back home, Samantha launched a Facebook page entitled “Bring Bentley Home.”

She expressed her deep connection to both her mother and her loyal canine companion, stating, “My mom and my dog were my best friends.”

Despite two weeks passing without any sign of Bentley, Samantha refused to lose hope.

Driven by her determination to reunite with her furry friend, she declared, “We know he is still out there and scared. We need to get Bentley back home to Kansas to his grieving family,” in a heartfelt Facebook post.

A compassionate man named Joseph Stratmann extended his assistance in the search for Bentley.

He reached out to Samantha through the “Bring Bentley Home” Facebook page, explaining that he had been leaving food near the crash site in hopes of attracting the lost dog’s attention.

Nineteen days after the accident, Samantha joined forces with Joseph to embark on a quest to find Bentley. After diligent searching, they spotted Bentley in the distance, although initially, he seemed hesitant to approach them.

Samantha shared her experience on social media, stating, “Eventually his fear got the best of him, and he made his way to the ridge (top)… I could see him watching me.” Despite their efforts to lure Bentley with food and a new toy, he remained cautious and apprehensive.

However, over time, Bentley began to piece things together and gradually moved closer to Samantha. As he closed the distance, he gained momentum and sprinted towards his grief-stricken family member.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Samantha exclaimed, “It’s momma… Good boy… come, come.”

Grateful for Joseph’s invaluable assistance in locating Bentley, Samantha took to Facebook to express her heartfelt appreciation.

She regarded Joseph as her guardian angel during that challenging time, praising his unwavering support, calm demeanor, and positivity.

Samantha acknowledged, “This incredible man is the reason I was able to engage with my traumatized Bentley. Had it not been for Joe, this puppy would not have returned home. Thank you so much, Joe.”

The past weeks had been incredibly challenging for Samantha. The loss of her mother, coupled with her own injuries and the agonizing separation from Bentley for nearly three weeks, had taken a toll on her emotional well-being.

On Facebook, she candidly shared the profound impact of her ordeal, stating, “Nothing could cure the pain in my heart over the loss of my mom.

But having him back was one less loss to endure, and I will be forever grateful to have my mountain man safely at home.”

She also reflected on Bentley’s experiences during their time apart, imagining the sights and adventures he had encountered.

Samantha marveled at his resilience and expressed immense pride in her faithful companion.

To learn more about Samantha and Bentley’s extraordinary journey, watch the accompanying video below.

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