Yorkie Helps Dad Out with Lawn Mowing

When dad needs assistance with the mowing of the lawn, he can always count on his favorite dog children to help him.

In the below video you will see exactly what I am talking about. It is pretty cute.

The adorable and happy pair of dog brothers are always ready to lend a paw in support of dad’s grass cutting.

Whenever he is out using the lawn mower, they jump in the trailer behind and find the whole situation to be extremely fun – you can tell just by the look on their faces.

You can obviously tell the two dogs are enjoying themselves in the video because you can see them with their tongues out enjoying the ride.

Watch the video below:

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It’s not too often we see Yorkies helping out with yard work. Ironically, the only time my Yorkies are involved with the garden is when they are doing their business, or digging holes!

So this is a nice change of scenery for me – In fact the next time I need to cut the grass in my own yard I will see if my Yorkies want to join. Of course they will be kept safe just like in this video. So no need to worry!

If you plan on getting your Yorkies to help you cut the grass be sure to keep them safe and out of the way of the lawn mower! You probably already knew that but I thought I’d mention it just in case. The safety of our Yorkies should be the top concern for us as Yorkie parents, I know you agree with me.

Video source: Camille Hurst on Facebook

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