How to Stop Unwanted Digging from your Yorkie

Nobody wants a yard that is full of holes and patchy areas where dogs used to dig.

In this article I will explain how you can stop your Yorkie from digging holes in the ground all over the place.

The good thing about this topic is that Yorkies aren’t known for digging. In other words, it is not a huge issue that many Yorkie owners deal with.

Another benefit of having a Yorkshire Terrier is that they are tiny.

Even if they wanted to – they cannot dig at the same rate and intensity that a Great Dane for example, can.

In fact, a lot of Yorkie owners live in apartments or places where their Yorkies don’t really have constant access to grass or soil.

But I know that this is a problem for some, so Here is some information to help you:

Exercise your Yorkie:

Yorkshire Terriers are well known for their tiny stature yet large volume of energy.

They have an active mind and body and are prone to overstimulation.

You must ensure that you exercise your Yorkie every day.

To remove their excess energy.

An average sized Yorkie will do well with a simple walk around the block. Firstly they love to experience new sounds, sights and scents – this will absolutely stimulate their mind.

Due to their small size a simple walk around the block will be enough exercise for them to last the day so that they aren’t full of energy and constantly trying to release it throughout the day.

Don’t over exercise them though or they will become unhappy and start to dislike the walks.

We all know Yorkies are temperamental so keep this in mind.

Another reason you will need to exercise your Yorkie is because dogs in general dig often when they feel bored. A well exercised and stimulated dog will not dig holes in the yard or litter box out of boredom.

Prevent your Yorkie from digging in the first place:

You can obviously do this by limiting their access to areas that you do not want them to be digging in: like your yard.

If you do let them out then supervise them from time to time.

Chicken wire:

You can also use chicken wire to help deter the problem.

Take chicken wire and roll it on areas of your garden you don’t want to see get dug up.

It will not be visible to the naked eye and prevents dogs from digging holes.

Your Yorkie may try a few times to dig through it but eventually they will learn that it cannot be done.

Plants that defend themselves:

If you don’t want your flower patches to get dug up or destroyed you may want to plant some type of plant or flower that your Yorkie will learn quickly can defend itself.

I’m referring to, for example: roses.

The natural thorns will teach your Yorkie a little lesson and they won’t even bother going there the next time they think about digging.

Let it be:

Often times you can stop a Yorkie from unwanted digging practices. But other times you may decide to just let it be – in this instance it is wise to set aside a certain area for your Yorkie to dig.

This way your Yorkie will have its own area or spot where he or she can dig.

The benefit of this approach is that you won’t have random digging holes all over, but you will have an area that your Yorkie can have free reign.

Each time your Yorkie has successfully used their “digging spot” – you should reward them with love and perhaps even a healthy dog treat. You will be reinforcing their behaviour this way.

Just pay attention when you take this approach.

Thank you for reading! I hope to have helped at least one person solve their Yorkie-digging woes.

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