Terrier Tattles on Sister Chihuahua for Pooping in the Kitchen

Source: Youtube

Sunny and Judy are an adorable pair of sister dogs.

One a Chihuahua and one a Terrier cross.

One morning an accident happened in the kitchen and only one of them was to blame.

With no other option than to interrogate them, the adorable sisterly pair’s mother got out her camera and commenced the questioning!

She had to get to the bottom of who pooped in the kitchen. Pun intended!

My dogs are pretty well trained so if an accident like this occurred in my house I would also be quite puzzled as to who the culprit was.

The funny thing is that the Terrier named Judy has absolutely no shame in tattling on her sister almost immediately.

The video is below and I know you are about to laugh yourself off your chair!

If it does not make you laugh I don’t know what will. This is just pure comedy gold.

Have your dogs ever done something similar in your house?
Let us know in the comments section if so.

Watch the video below:


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Honestly this video is one of the most hilarious I have ever come across.

You can tell by the look on the Chihuahua’s face that she did it. There is no denying it – that is why she didn’t even attempt to try.

I kind of feel bad for her for being put on blast like that by her Terrier sister!

Also the fact it was caught on camera adds some insult to injury.

But at least we now know who the culprit was – I am sure she will not do it again.

It is safe to say she has learned her lesson!

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