Yorkies Play with Snowballs like they’re real toys!

Yorkies Play with Snowballs like they're real toys!

Deborah and Donny are two adorable Yorkie siblings.

They live in the cold part of the world – Russia. And boy do they know how to make the most of it!

In the video below you can see them all kitted out in their latest Yorkie Winter gear – and if you don’t mind me saying so it is ridiculously adorable!

Their cuteness is palpable when we watch them enjoying the snow. I know you will agree.

I love their excitement when the snowballs get thrown about.

Watch the video below:


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Tips for Yorkie Winter care:

As you can see in the video, these Yorkies are sufficiently covered in heavy Winter clothing.

When looking for Yorkie Winter clothing make sure to choose an option that covers their back, shoulders, chest and flank. This will ensure heat insulation.

Hats and shoes: Yorkies naturally lose body heat through their paws and ears as it isn’t covered well by their natural coat.

You can solve this by getting shoes made specifically for trapping heat and even a hat which will protect their delicate ears.

Your Yorkie will undoubtedly be grateful to you!

Below is a good quality coat from Amazon I recommend:

The above coat should work well with Yorkies specifically as it has a nice collar type hoodie which will benefit their delicate ears. It will make sure to keep them warm!

In addition you won’t have to spend money on extra vet bills due to your Yorkie getting sick from the cold.

Undoubtedly this is advice if you live in a cold area or are expecting a cold front.

You can never be over-prepared when it comes to the health and safety of your Yorkie. Trust me I know!

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