Yorkie and Cat Play Together like Best Friends!

In this video we take a look at an adorable pair of brother and sisters from different backgrounds. A Bengal cat and a Yorkie!

It is just so heartwarming to watch them go at it continuously. I can not get over it.

The type of cat featured in this video is a Bengal cat. Bengal cats are a type of cat breed that were “created” from cross breeding domesticated house cats and the Asian leopard cat.

Their markings are so cool and that is one of the reasons they are so highly sought after.

Enough about cats! This is a Yorkie site after all.

As I was saying about the adorable video – these two are inseparable and watching them will absolutely bring a smile to your face.

Yorkies are very versatile when it comes to playfulness – their small stature makes them perfect companions for cats.

Since cats are quite headstrong it is quite a good match when they playfully wrestle with each other.

A cat will know exactly when to put the Yorkie in its place and the Yorkie will have fun throughout the entire experience.

Watch the adorable video below:

I have not seen similar videos where cats and Yorkies play together so well.

Maybe Bengal cats are better suited for Yorkies, if you were ever wanting to get a cat – you may want to consider a Bengal cat to add to your furry four legged family!

When it comes to pets I say the more the merrier – within reason.

One does not want to get overwhelmed and neglect their responsibilities as a pet parent.

Especially with Yorkies – you always want to be on top of your Yorkies health and their happiness.

As I always say – if my Yorkies are happy, I am happy!

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