Yorkie doesn’t want Bath time to End

Credit: Cherrie A. Bothe / The Yorkie Club

When was the last time your Yorkie got a bath?

In the video below this Yorkie is totally enjoying his bath.

He enjoys his bath so much that when mom tells him it’s time to go he gets upset.

The video is so adorable and funny that I watched it three times!

Watch the Video below:

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It is a known fact that if you do not bathe your dog, they may get dirty quite quickly!

This is especially true for dogs that live outside.

Yorkshire Terriers are no different.

Even though many Yorkies live inside and only go outside occasionally, they can still get dirty.

Most dogs love baths, Yorkies are known to either totally love baths or totally hate it.

Of course there is room for some Yorkies to be in the middle but generally your Yorkie will either look forward to it or shy away from it!

You should bath your Yorkie every two to four weeks, to prevent a build-up of dirt, grease, hair and mange.

While Yorkies do not naturally shed their hair, their hair can still get dirty as it can touch the floor and the dust can stick to it.

It is a known practice that as soon as your Yorkie has a bath they will roll around the carpets, bedding, sofas or cushions to get that extra water leftover removed.

In fact, I have seen almost totally dry Yorkies do this – it actually looks quite fun.

If you do not know what I am talking about, I am referring of course, to the “Zoomies”.

You can see a first-hand video of this below:

Yorkie has Hilarious Case of the Zoomies

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