Yorkie has Hilarious Case of Zoomies

Yorkie has Hilarious Case of Zoomies featured image

Sources: Joanne Waudby via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

In the video below we get to watch a funny little Yorkie show off their amazing level of energy.

It is so funny and cute when dogs do this. Especially when Yorkies do this!

Enough background though, watch the video below:

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Simply watching that video made me burst out laughing.

Though it also made me feel tired simply because of the level of energy I just witnessed!

What are Zoomies? Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPs are the technical term for Zoomies.

It is quite common in dogs, especially small dogs who live inside.

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The reasons for Zoomies are up to speculation. Some say it is a stress reliever for dogs, others say that it is a way for the dog to quickly release built up energy.

In my opinion both reasons are valid – the dog has a ton of energy – undeniably, and any stress the dog is going through is temporarily released or removed during and after their little burst of energy.

The actual scientific reason isn’t actually identified but we do know it is normal and also it doesn’t hurt anybody.

Assuming of course the little dog doesn’t run around so fast they run into something or fall off the sofa. Though this is rare because despite the appearances, dogs are pretty agile and smart.

Some dogs however are smarter than others. Yorkies specifically are one of the smartest dog breeds.

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