Yorkie Dad Plays With His Son

The video below features the moment a male Yorkie is captured adorably playing with his little puppy.

Prepare your eyes and your heart because I’ve watched the video like 6 times already.

The absolute cutest thing about this video is the unique way the dad Yorkie actually plays with his little puppy.

He rubs his head all over the little puppy’s body it is almost too adorable for words!


Have you ever seen a dog playing like this with a puppy?

It truly is the first time I have ever seen it.

I love the way the little puppy is so tiny in comparison to his Yorkie dad.

He could probably fit in my hand, no wonder his daddy can’t get enough of playing with him!

Watch the video below!

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Did I not tell you that it was probably the cutest daddy and puppy video you will ever see?

I’m so happy it was captured on video!

It must be hard to look as cute as a Yorkie every day. Just kidding, it’s probably easy!

Especially when they have wonderful parents to take care of them such as yourselves.

If you’re a Yorkie owner, thank you for making the world a better place by taking care of your Yorkies!

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