Yorkie Meets Puppy for the First Time

Image: Mar Her @TheYorkieClub

In the video below a truly magical moment was captured.

A family recently added a new Yorkie puppy to their home, the moment their other Yorkie was introduced to her is something you have to see!

The video is below, please allow a moment for it to load.


If that didn’t brighten your day up I’m not too sure what will!

I’m in love with the way the older male Yorkie was taking cover behind his trusty dad at the mere sight of his new little ferocious button nosed sister.

The little Yorkie puppy is adorable just the way she is, you can tell she’s going to be a little handful though.

There is nothing wrong with being a little handful, especially when you are an adorable little Yorkie puppy!

I’m confident that her big brother will definitely show her the ropes.

I have always said that Yorkshire Terrier puppies are the cutest puppies on earth.

Of course this is just my unbiased opinion!

They say that you can tell a person’s future personality by their behaviour as a baby.

I’ve noticed in my life and through research that Yorkshire Terriers and all other dogs are potentially the same!

Observe how the puppy in the video is acting and in the future I am positive we will get similar behaviour.

I just hope they keep on filming, it would be so interestingly cute to see the little adventures of these two Yorkies!


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