Yorkie and German Shepherd play Tug of War in the House

In the below video you will see a beautiful German Shepherd playing tug of war with an adorable and tiny Yorkhire Terrier.

Yorkies can pretty much get along with all other dogs in their family.

Even a giant sturdy German Shepherd. This video is so cute because the German Shepherd is so gentle with his little Yorkie brother.

You can tell they care deeply for each other and are best friends. Despite their differences!

That is why I always say us humans can learn a thing or two from dogs.

Dogs have a simplicity about them which is admirable and respectable.

It’s so fun watching them both chase after each other all over the house. They both want the sock for themselves!

When they finally play tug of war it is so adorable due to the fact the German Shepherd could so easily win the battle but insists on staying gentle with his brother Yorkie.

One word: Cuteness!

Watch the video below:

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It is very nice that the human behind the camera allows his two four legged friends to play inside the house.

To be honest though they are quite gentle and tidy – the two dog brothers don’t seem to make any mess or chaos, besides the adorable game of tug of war obviously!

It is not often you see a German Shepherd and Yorkie playing together. I’m so glad the owner captured this on video for us to enjoy.

Do you have any similar videos of your Yorkie playing or just otherwise being an adorable little companion?

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