The 8 Hilarious Yorkie House Rules

8 Hilarious Yorkie House Rules featured image

Image: YorkieVideos

So, you’ve welcomed a Yorkie into your home? Congratulations!

These tiny yet incredibly lovable doggies are a bundle of joy, but they come with their own set of rules that must be obeyed.

Don’t worry; we’re here to decode the Yorkie rulebook for you.

Hold on to your biscuits, because these house rules are too funny not to share!

1. The “No Privacy” Policy

Image: Facebook/The Yorkie Club

Privacy? Forget about it! When you have a Yorkie, your every move is monitored and supervised.

Whether you’re heading to the bathroom, trying to sneak a snack, or even attempting a secret dance party in the living room, your faithful Yorkie companion will be right there with you.

Think of it as having your very own four-legged shadow. Their motto: “Where you go, I go!”

2. Nap Time Is All the Time

Image: The Yorkie Club/Traci Marzka

Yorkies have a Ph.D. in napology. Whether it’s a sunny spot by the window or your freshly folded laundry, if it looks comfy, it’s an open invitation for a snooze.

Forget about getting any work done; your Yorkie’s nap schedule is top priority.

3. Toy Avalanche Warning

If you’ve ever wondered where all those squeaky toys went, wonder no more. Yorkies possess a unique talent for creating toy avalanches.

They’ll empty their entire toy box, leaving you to navigate a sea of plushies and squeakers. Good luck finding the remote!

4. Laundry Inspector on Duty

Yorkies take their role as laundry inspectors seriously.

The moment you try to fold a fresh load of laundry, your Yorkie will dive right in, unearthing socks, underwear, and dish towels like a furry laundry detective.

Clean or dirty, they’ll give everything a thorough sniff test.

5. Dinner Bell Alarm

Photo: Karen Kaess Parenti/The Yorkie Club

Yorkies are the canine equivalent of a dinner bell.

They have an uncanny ability to tell time, and they know exactly when it’s dinner o’clock.

Be prepared for a chorus of adorable but persistent barking to remind you that it’s time to fill their food bowl.

6. Stealthy Bed Invaders

Photo: Diane Harrison/The Yorkie Club

Ever wake up to find your Yorkie has stealthily taken over your bed?

They might be small, but they’re experts at bed infiltration.

You’ll find yourself hanging on to the edge while your furry friend sprawls out in the middle, all 4 pounds of them.

7. Doorbell = World Ending Event

To a Yorkie, the sound of the doorbell is equivalent to a zombie apocalypse.

Their reaction? Bark like their lives depend on it.

Photo: Traci Marzka/The Yorkie Club

Your visitors might wonder if they’ve stumbled upon a secret canine command center.

8. Sock Nappers Anonymous

Photo: Katie Mcmahon/The Yorkie Club

Yorkies have a secret society dedicated to sock napping.

They’ll sneakily snatch your socks, stash them in their secret hideouts, and later present them as treasures.

Who knew a sock could be so enticing?

In conclusion, life with a Yorkie is an adventure filled with laughter, love, and a few quirky house rules.

Embrace the chaos, cherish the cuddles, and enjoy every moment with your lovable, rule-bending Yorkie companion.

Who needs a rulebook anyway when you have a Yorkie to keep you entertained?

Remember, these house rules are all in good fun, and a little Yorkie mischief is what makes life with them so charming.

So, go ahead, share these rules with your fellow Yorkie enthusiasts and keep the laughter rolling!

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