Yorkie Puppies Have Fun Playing with Balloon

Source: Rumble / Jazmine Anderson

These two Yorkies in the featured below video will leave you smiling and happy!

Watching them play outside enjoying the sunshine is so peaceful to watch.

They love playing with the balloon that their mama gives to them – it is pretty cute how excited they get.

Kind of makes me want to be a Yorkie so I can have such fun with something as simple as a balloon!

Watch the adorable video here:

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It seems like pretty much all dogs love to play with balloons, these two Yorkies especially.

Balloons are naturally fun though so I don’t blame them.

The amount of fun they have just from the simplest of things. It should teach us as humans to have more fun with simple things!

That is one of the reasons I love writing about Yorkies so much – we can all as people learn valuable lessons from dogs.

The above video is originally from The Yorkie Club on facebook. It is Facebook’s largest and most awesome Yorkie group – we would love to have you join us!

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Thank you for reading and thanks for enjoying the video!

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