Yorkie Goes for High Score on Tablet Game for Pets

Source: Rumble

In the below video we get to see a playful little Yorkie trying his hardest to get the high score in a game on a tablet.

Whoever made this game knew what they were doing because this Yorkie is absolutely enamoured with it.

Watch the video here:

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I do feel kind of bad though for the tablet and the tablet’s owner. I can hear the claws of the Yorkie scratching against the surface!

Of course, to some of us a Yorkie’s happiness is worth every cent we spend. So, a little scratching on the surface of a tablet isn’t the end of the world.

That being said though, I wouldn’t let my Yorkies near my smart phone, PC or tablet! I love my Yorkies but technology isn’t really their strong suit.

It is quite amazing that this Yorkie got so involved with this game – I tried showing this game to my Yorkies using my tablet and none of them really cared.

I can’t blame them! My house is filled with a whole bunch of more exciting things. Like food, treats and interactive toys.

Speaking of which, I would like to insert an interactive toy I found on Amazon that you can use with your Yorkies whenever you want.

It is especially useful for when your Yorkies are home alone and you don’t want them to get bored or sad.

The way an interactive toy works is that it can move by itself or make noises in order to attract our Yorkie’s attention. What this does is transfers your Yorkies focus from wondering where on earth you are, to what on earth is this toy doing!?

Below is a toy that is similar to one I use with my Yorkies:

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