Yorkie Gets Introduced to his New Kitten Sibling

Yorkie Gets Introduced to his New Kitten Sibling featured image

Source: Rumble / Liz Johnston

Have you ever introduced your precious Yorkies to another animal?

Do you remember how they responded? In general Yorkies are good with other pets.

The only potential problem arises if they get jealous. However, this can be prevented by being aware and mindful of your Yorkie’s emotions.

In the video below, an adorable and curious Yorkie gets introduced to their brother – a kitten.

I love the way the Yorkie is so curious about this new addition to the family.

He seems like a sweet natured Yorkie and I absolutely love his cute haircut too.

Watch the video below:

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I own three Yorkies in my house. Or rather, I am owned by three Yorkies!

I always wondered how they would react if I were to bring home a cat.

If they react anything like this Yorkie, I would be so happy. I would also make sure to get it on video and post it for all of you to see!

Like the majority of videos here, this video was originally uploaded to The Yorkie Club on Facebook. Feel free to join our great club and we will happily welcome you!

All videos uploaded there and selected to be featured here are attained with full permission from the original uploader.

As I mentioned above, Yorkies in general react well to other animals and that is one of the reasons they are so beloved and are fast becoming the most popular dog in the world.

If however you are thinking of adding another furry friend to your family, make sure your Yorkies are in a good state of being prior to introducing them.

What do I mean by this?

I mean if your Yorkie is sick or depressed or has anything wrong with them that may affect their quality of life. You may want to postpone the arrival of the new animal.

It is not uncommon for dogs who are not at their 100% to quickly deteriorate even worse once a new animal is brought into the family.

What this leads to is aggressiveness, irritability and even depression in dogs.

As a bottom line here, just remember to be mindful of your Yorkie’s feelings!

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