Yorkie finds the worlds best sleeping position

Yorkie finds the worlds best napping position featured image

Sources: Rumble / Alexander Luthor Soon

Yorkies are known for having tons of energy, in fact we have many videos on this site that prove that as a fact!

So, it is about time we had a video where it shows a Yorkie who is the best at napping.

The little Yorkie featured in the video below is just an absolute king. He knows he can literally sleep anywhere; therefore, he has chosen the most hilarious place and position to sleep in.

Watch the video below:

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Did I not tell you that this Yorkie was a king? Absolutely.

Sure, kings don’t usually sleep on the floor. But when you can sleep like that then you are a king, and nobody can argue with that!

I love the way he just lies on his back and couldn’t really move a muscle as he is just so relaxed.

You can tell for sure, that this little Yorkie is a happy dog. His owners treat him well and obviously feed him well!

I do think however, that this Yorkie would totally choose a luscious doggy bed if he had one, instead of the cold floor.

Therefore, I searched on Amazon once again and managed to find a beautiful dog bed that is a perfect size for Yorkshire Terriers!

You can take a look at the product below:

It is very well rated, and you can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

Sometimes I envy Yorkies, and the fact their lives are so easy. Then I realize I am a human being and am extremely fortunate to be one, too!

I think Yorkies are put in our lives to ground us and make us appreciate life that much more.

That is why I always say – a home is merrier with a Yorkshire Terrier!

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