These Yorkies loved the 4th of July

I was scrolling through the internet one day and noticed a large number of posts about the 4th of July.

The next image I saw was one of the cutest photos I’ve ever seen!

Take a look below:

1. EmmyB is a star!

Marilyn Sudweeks Miller / TheYorkieClub

EmmyB the Yorkie is so absolutely perfect!

She fits her little clothes so well. She is a natural photo star.

Be prepared to melt in your seat with cuteness because not only did I find just one adorable Yorkie in their 4th of July outfit; I found many!

Enjoy the Yorkie photos below:

2. Yorkie Photo shoot

Heather Harjer / TheYorkieClub

What a perfect occasion for a photo shoot, and look how great it turned out!

3. We dressed up too mom!

Gail Sasahara-Sharp / TheYorkieClub

Great job on your little dress up job!

No other words than adorableness.

You can tell these two puppies are spoilt by their mama and I love that.

4. Put down the camera please!

Cheri Lynn Leblanc-Driscoll / TheYorkieClub

That little face is so perfect.

How could anybody possibly look at a Yorkie like that and not fall in love?

This Yorkie is looking up at his mommy as if to say:

“Did you take the photo yet? Did I look good mama?”

And the answer to the latter question is a definitive yes.

5. Yorkies celebrate together!

Kim Gibson / TheYorkieClub

6. Lucy loves the 4th of July

Lorrie Alsobrooks / TheYorkieClub

7. All American Girl!

Marsha K Lackey / TheYorkieClub

So many great things about the 4th of July but my personal favorite thing is the Yorkie photos!

Make sure you join The Yorkie Club and post your adorable Yorkies!


I know the 4th of July is over for 2022 but I for one am super excited about next year so I can see all the new Yorkies in their clothes!

Now I don’t often say this but Yorkies in outfits are officially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong I know some people don’t like putting dogs in clothes but if the Yorkie doesn’t mind it and actually likes it then there is absolutely no harm!

In fact, since it is so adorable I encourage it.

Just make sure your Yorkie is not overheating or that the clothes aren’t too tight!

The world needs to see these Yorkies.


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