The Basics of Caring for a Yorkie Puppy

Thinking of getting a Yorkie puppy? You must know by now that Yorkies are not lame and boring, they are full of spunk and energy. Because of this you should expect a lot of fun and attention required on behalf of you, the owner.

The basics of caring for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy effectively are quite similar to other puppies in fact. Including but not limited to the most important aspects which are: grooming, water and food and also attention.

With regard to training – beginning as soon as possible is your best hope for making the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Another aspect I have not mentioned is hygiene. You must bathe your Yorkie when they are dirty and make sure to clean their teeth daily. Worst case scenario is that you end up with a Yorkie who has constant pain and terrible breath due to diseases of the teeth and gums.

Prevention is the best medicine and this is especially true when it comes to dental disease.

You should expect some difficulty when training your Yorkie. This is a statement that applies on a general level because Yorkies are, in general – very stubborn. It could be stated that this is dependent on a case by case basis as their personalities vary widely in range.

When training your Yorkie, you need to have the utmost patience. Beginning training right before the age of 6 months is a good place to begin but there is some debate on this topic if you research online for the ideal age to start.

The basics of training are simple. Do not be aggressive with them if they make mistakes. Simply be firm so they understand what they did was wrong.

Once they make progress and success- you absolutely have to reward them.

What is a good way to reward them? With a lot of love and kisses, and also a treat.

Yorkies love treats. They also love to please their humans – combining the two will give you the best results.

Yorkies can get dehydrated quicker than most dogs because they use up a lot of energy in short bursts – yet can remain in a state of expelling their energy because their excitement level is high. What does this mean for you? It means you must keep a constant eye on the water bowl, make sure they have an adequate supply of water at all times.

Once your Yorkie is growing up a bit you will notice their hair keeps on growing and barely sheds. I personally love Yorkie hair because of the way it flows and is so beautiful.

Grooming your Yorkie should be a fun aspect to your day – at least it is for me.

You can do the job by brushing their hair daily, if you do not do this their hair may become matted, hard and horrible. Which nobody wants, especially your poor Yorkie.

Do not brush the coat of a Yorkie puppy without liquid applied first – maybe a spray of some water or some hair lotion (for dogs).

In general, I would not recommend feeding your Yorkie any human foods. Yorkies are prone to digestive problems and you do not want to aggravate or create a situation where digestive system problems are inevitable.

A basic guideline for feeding is two to three times a day at least with regard to puppies. This is the minimum. Ask your breeder what they recommend with regard to the type of food. They will generally give you advice up to the first two weeks.

After the initial two weeks after leaving the breeder you can mix and move on to premium dry food – when in doubt though it is always best to find out more information from a qualified vet.

Do not despair when weighing up the tasks that are required to integrate your Yorkie into your family. Once you have succeeded you will not find a better addition to your family.

Yorkies are affectionate, happy and adorable. They are good with kids and will attach to you like a mosquito – if mosquitos were adorable and lovable.

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