Science Confirms For Yorkies Their Humans Are Their Parents

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Yorkies, much like human children, exhibit a similar pattern of behavior, reflecting the deep bond and attachment they form with their human caregivers.

Many people view their pets as an integral part of their family, providing them with love, care, and attention.

This reciprocal relationship makes these furry companions a vital presence in our lives and us the most significant presence in theirs.

A study conducted by veterinarian Lisa Horn from the University of Vienna, Australia, sheds light on how dogs perceive us, their human caregivers, as their surrogate parents.

The study involved 22 puppies divided into three groups.

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The first group was isolated from their parents, the second remained in the same room as their parents but had to be silent and ignore them, while the third group consisted of dogs and their parents who actively engaged with them by playing, speaking to them, pampering them, and rewarding their good behavior.

The results were quite unexpected.

The dogs in the second and third groups, those close to their parents, displayed exuberant, playful, and outgoing behavior.

They exhibited no signs of distress or insecurity.

However, the first group, isolated from their parents, felt insecure and fearful, showing reluctance to respond to stimuli like play or food.

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In a subsequent test, Lisa introduced unfamiliar individuals in place of the puppies’ parents while the dogs from the second and third groups were present.

This time, the dogs displayed different behavior. Despite the presence of humans, they showed disinterest in games, food, or affection.

Their attention was fixated on the door, eagerly awaiting the return of their true parents.

This study led to the conclusion that dogs fall into a category known as the “security area.” When they are in proximity to their human parents, they feel more motivated, confident, happy, protected, comfortable, and interested.

Conversely, when separated from their parents, they can become anxious, lose interest, and feel vulnerable.

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This behavioral pattern is reminiscent of the relationship between human children and their parents.

Children, especially when young, tend to feel more capable and secure when their parents are with them and may experience vulnerability when they are absent.

Therefore, if you have a Yorkie and have noticed that they are at their happiest and most comfortable when you are present, it underscores the importance of the bond you share.

So, don’t hesitate to shower your furry friend with affection, as to them, you represent their world and everything they hold dear.

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