Playful Yorkie is Obsessed with his Favorite Squeaky Toy

Playful Yorkie is Obsessed with his Favorite Squeaky Toy featured image

Sources : Tati Âû Long / Rumble

The video below is about to make you laugh in your seat.

It is a video of an adorably playful Yorkshire Terrier doing everything he can to get to his squeaky toy.

He performs and puts on a little show for us to enjoy. It is so cute!

Take a look for yourself below:

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Are Yorkies the dog form of human babies? I think that hypothesis is valid.

Yorkies are always cute, they are always making us smile and they need us to survive – much like a human baby!

That Yorkie makes me laugh every time I watch this. It is so adorable the way he gets on two legs and basically begs for his little toy.

It is totally one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

Have you ever seen a Yorkie do this? This is the first Yorkie I have seen perform in this way.

His love for his squeaky toy is the kind of love we all need in our lives!

Yorkies are always making us fall in love with them again every day.

Between their teddy bear appearance and their cute antics, this is precisely the reason Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Just watch the video again if you don’t believe me – how can anybody watch that and not fall in love?

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