Female Teacup Yorkie is Only 1.2 lbs at 11-weeks-old

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This teacup Yorkie is female and weights only 1.2 Pounds! She is 11 weeks old.

She is extremely adorable. I am sure that like me, you all want her!

But read the below valuable information to know what you are getting into when wanting a Teacup Yorkie.

Image by junpoonipipoo from Pixabay

Teacup Yorkie Information

The measurement for dog breeds are by the AKC. In the past, the official ‘required’ weight for Yorkies was 4 to 7 pounds. (1.8 – 3.1 kg)

However now, as time has progressed and standards have changed – the official measurement is simply: “not to exceed 3.17kg or 7 pounds”

In the past, breeders would try and breed smaller dogs in order to increase the chance of getting a smaller puppy. This would allow the breeder to advertise the puppy as a ‘teacup’ and sell it for higher prices.

This would sadly be at the expense of the dog’s health. That is to say this still goes on today but is and should be heavily scrutinised and dissuaded as it is animal abuse.

Nowadays there is no minimum measurement or weight thankfully. This could be in an attempt to stop breeders from breeding smaller and smaller Yorkies and classifying them as ‘Teacup’.

Even so, Yorkies that are below minimum healthy weight should not be sought after as the health of the Yorkie is what is most important – and the healthy standard for an adult Yorkie is 3 to 7 pounds – 1.36kg and 3.17kg.


Teacup Yorkies are adorable but there is a price to pay for the adorability. A price that the puppy will pay and you as the owner. Teacup Yorkies are notorious for shorter life spans and more prone to health issues and diseases.

The price of ‘Teacup Yorkies’ are astronomical when considering the extended vet bills and premium food and medication that will potentially come in the future.

For the sake of a world where healthy Yorkies are prioritised- let’s end the glorification and promotion of Teacup Yorkie sales!

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