Adorable Yorkie is In Love with His New Bed

Yorkie loves his new bed - featured image

Source: Youtube

Meet Paxton the Yorkie.

Paxton is truly made for the camera – the way he performs and just displays his cuteness!

In the below video you can see his reaction to when his human parents brought home a new bed for him.

He becomes so excited and even does some tricks for his mom and dad. The only word for this video is perfection!

Watch the video below:

It was a quiet and uneventful day… until mommy and daddy arrived home with a new bed!

I love the way Paxton the Yorkie investigates with great interest the bed in his mom’s hands. So excited and amused – the feelings are palpable.

Like a child on Christmas morning! This is so cute.

Paxton absolutely adores his new bed and I can see why – it looks so comfy and cushy! I’m kind of jealous.

Above is the actual bed: You can order it from Amazon by clicking here.

The bed is well rated and as you can see from Paxton’s reaction: very well received by Yorkies!

Does your Yorkie need a new bed too? I know they would absolutely fall in love with this bed just like Paxton did.

Paxton is so adorable the way all Yorkies are so adorable – they don’t even have to try hard. Cuteness comes naturally for Yorkies!

I truly believe, in my unbiased opinion that Yorkshire Terriers are the most adorable dog breed. I have said this many times but the video evidence on display on this website is undeniable. No other dog gives such large amounts of joy from such a tiny package to our lives.

What do you think? Do you agree with me, if so let me know in the comments.

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