Adorable Yorkie Can’t Handle Seeing Her Reflection

Adorable Yorkie Can’t Handle Seeing Her Reflection featured image

Source: Claudette Lucas via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

This video demonstrates that even if you are an adorable Yorkshire Terrier, you can still hate your own reflection!

The video shows us that we humans can feel a bit better as this Yorkie who is so adorable, reacts this way upon seeing her reflection.

Watch the video below:

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Why do some dogs bark and throw a fit upon seeing their own reflections?

The answer is pretty simple.

They sometimes view their reflection as being in the presence of a second dog!

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a second person. It’s a similar situation.

The thing about dogs is that they often do it when they’re a bit young and not too often when they are fully grown.

I would say the Yorkie in the video is probably a young Yorkie, but also potentially a fully grown Yorkie too.

Can you imagine the confusion though?

The Poor Yorkie runs around her house following her mom around like a shadow, then all of a sudden a totally random yet similar looking Yorkie appears!

I totally understand this Yorkie’s reaction – I’d probably bark if I saw a stranger in the reflection too!

Growing up I was surrounded by dogs and none of them even bothered noticing their reflections.

I am sure that even if they did notice them, they didn’t care.

It is so cool how dogs are all totally different and how they can react in totally different ways than we think.

A tiny Yorkshire Terrier would see their reflection and want to attack!

A German Shepherd would see their reflection and not even care.

I suppose when the Yorkie sees her own tiny reflection, it’s easy to be vicious and feisty.

Though if she saw the German Shepherd looking back at her the results would probably be a little different for the Yorkie!

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