Want a Yorkie? You need to Read This

Are you someone who is eager to get a Yorkie?

Someone who is willing to fall in love with a tiny cuddly fluffy baby?

Are you somebody who is responsible and is able to take care of a Yorkie for the rest of their lives?

You’re not alone!

Photo: Misty Lyndell / TheYorkieClub

Yorkie puppies are one of the most common breeds of puppies that are joining the homes of families everywhere.

I’m sure by now you may know the basics of what to expect, but below are some other extra nuggets of information that may help you one day!

1. Prepare to be stalked


That’s right.

Your alone time is a thing of the past.

As long as you’re okay with a tiny button nosed companion being around you 24/7, you will be okay!

2. Prepare to be loved


You wanted to spend time feeling bad & sorry for yourself today?

Nope! Your Yorkie will remind you that you have a job.

And your job is to take care of your Yorkie!

3. Prepare to be covered in dog hair


That is a joke. Yorkies don’t really shed their hair at all!

So actually, you shouldn’t worry about any extra hair lying around the house.

If you see any extra hair in your home, well it is probably yours!

4. Prepare to laugh every day


I vaguely remember a wise proverb that mentioned laughing every day is essential for happiness and peace.

I’m not too sure about peace, but happiness will be available in ample amounts when a Yorkie joins your family!

5. Prepare to abuse your phones camera

All pet parents are notorious for clogging up their phone’s memory with photos and videos of their pets.

This isn’t wrong for Yorkie parents either.

If you are guilty of taking way too many photos of your Yorkie too then never fear!

You are not alone.

Photo: Kris Paule / TheYorkieClub

I am guilty of this too, on the plus side my phone’s memory card has never been cuter nor more valuable than it is today.


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