6 Rules Yorkies Have Established For Humans to Follow

Photos: Carol Deebel / Amber Lee ~ TheYorkieClub

1. Don’t go anywhere without me.

Photo: Ryan Villanueva ~ TheYorkieClub

Your Yorkie looks at you as their parent, but also their friend.

They want to be by your side twenty four hours of the day. And any remaining time leftover!

Don’t believe me? Just ask literally anyone who has ever had a Yorkshire Terrier in their house.

2. Everywhere the sun touches is my bed.

Photo: Ana Valentin ~ TheYorkieClub

Dogs are known to use anywhere they can to sleep. From the sofa, the car seat to the floor, Yorkies are no exception.

Your bed is now your Yorkies bed. The same can be said for your sofas, carpet and of course your lap!

Pretty much wherever your Yorkie can sleep, they probably will try to.

3. When you cook, cook for me first.

Photo: Sherry Winkle ~ TheYorkieClub

With every piece of food you eat you may just end up with two cute eyes staring at you.

Yorkies are notorious for using their cuteness to get us to give them food.

From treats to special snacks, I’d say my cooking skills have improved ever since I got my Yorkie!

Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

4. Open the door for me. Then again. And again…

Photo: Kimberly Delong Billings ~ TheYorkieClub

Did someone drive past the house?

What if a bird tweeted or flapped their wings?

Well to your Yorkie, everything needs to be investigated meticulously.

You will gain a lot of exercise when living with a Yorkie.

You’ll have to get up over and over again to open and close the door!

5. Don’t tell me to be quiet!

Photo: Sarah Thomas ~ TheYorkieClub

With great sound comes great responsibility.

Although with Yorkies they tend to abuse their power of their bark!

Every Yorkie owners learns the hard way that trying to quiet down your Yorkie is a futile feat.

You will fail. Yorkies will always win.

Did the wind blow the outside? Well it is a signal to your Yorkie that it’s time to sound the Yorkie alarm.

The Yorkie alarm is the sound Yorkies make when anything happens.

Bonus Yorkie house rule:

6. You will never pee alone again!

Kris Paule / TheYorkieClub

As mentioned earlier, you must never leave the room without consulting your Yorkie.

Every moment without you in their presence is a traumatic event.  At least in their mind.

Privacy is indeed a thing of the past and trust me it’s not such a bad thing after all!

Life with a Yorkie is a life filled with joy, don’t just take my word for it – There is a reason why Yorkies are so popular!

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