3 Benefits of Having a Yorkie as Your Child

Whether it’s the simple pleasure of petting your furry Yorkie friend at home or taking leisurely strolls through the park, there’s no denying that Yorkies bring immense joy to their owners, regardless of age.

However, the advantages of having a Yorkie companion extend far beyond their cuddly and entertaining nature.

So, if you’ve been contemplating the idea of adding a four-legged member to your family, here are some compelling reasons why bringing a Yorkie into your life might be a fantastic decision:

1. Yorkies Instill Values in Your Children

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With a Yorkie in the household, even the youngest members of your family can learn valuable life lessons.

While you’ll likely shoulder most of the pet-care responsibilities, your child can absorb essential values such as kindness and empathy.

Simple tasks like filling a Yorkie’s food bowl or moving lightweight items around can be opportunities for your child to contribute.

Through these actions, they’ll come to understand that Yorkies, like humans, require nourishment, shelter, exercise, love, and affection.

This experience can impart crucial lessons in sympathy and compassion.

Studies have shown that children who have Yorkies as pets tend to have higher self-esteem than those who don’t.

The reason lies in the unwavering love and companionship provided by their furry Yorkie friends.

Yorkies become confidants, offering a listening ear and a playmate during moments of solitude.

As your child embarks on their educational journey, having a Yorkie can significantly enhance their performance.

I personally can attest to this, as whilst growing up there were many moments when if my dogs were not around – I would have felt pretty bored and even unsafe being all alone for hours each day.

2. Yorkies Boost Self-Esteem

Photo: Pexels

Some research has even revealed that reading to a nonjudgmental audience, like a Yorkie, can transform a shy reader into a more confident one.

It’s a boost of self-assurance that every person needs in today’s day and age.

Not only are Yorkies great listeners, they’re better friends.

They always have your back and they always want to be with you.

To the average human living in modern times, having that sort of security even if it’s just at home – is incredibly powerful.

Some people have no friends, no confidence and no happiness.

The solution to their problems may very well be a cute bundle of dog hair on four little legs called Yorkies.

3. Yorkies Promote Better Health

Image: Pixabay

Experts suggest that children who grow up with Yorkies are less likely to develop allergies due to early exposure to certain microorganisms. (However, it’s important to note that individual reactions can vary, so be cautious if your child has allergies.)

Recent research also indicates that pet owners tend to experience fewer illnesses.

In fact, a 2012 study found that children with Yorkies generally enjoyed better overall health during their formative years.

So, in addition to the emotional and psychological benefits, having a Yorkie can contribute to a healthier lifestyle for you and your entire family.

In conclusion, the decision to welcome a Yorkie into your family can bring about positive changes that extend beyond companionship.

From imparting values to enhancing self-esteem and promoting better health, the presence of a Yorkie can enrich the lives of both young and old alike.

I thoroughly wish more people knew just how awesome life is with Yorkies in it.

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