Yorkie’s Ecstatic Reaction to Seeing Dad After 2 Weeks Is Beyond Precious

When dog owners go on a trip without their furry friends, they often try to reassure them that they will return.

However, it is uncertain whether the pets can comprehend the message or remember the dates.

But a TikTok user named @louieforprez shared a video that showed otherwise.

The video captures the moment when a Yorkie sees his dad after a two-week separation.

The dog’s reaction was heartwarming, and it seemed like he had been counting down the days.

As soon as the elevator arrived at his floor, he ran towards his dad with excitement and joy.

The video has become viral, and many viewers were amazed by the dog’s ability to recognize his owner’s return.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

@louieforprez 🥹🥹 #puppiesoftiktok #yorkiesoftiktok #yorkie #puppylove ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

The video drew many positive comments from the viewers, and it’s no wonder as to why!

Many were impressed by the Yorkie’s reaction, with some joking that they had never seen a Yorkie run so fast.

The viewers also expressed their affection for the dog, with some calling him cute and adorable!

Some viewers even shared their experiences with their pets, showing that they too have an unbreakable bond with their furry friends.

Overall, the video demonstrated the strong connection between Yorkies and their owners.

It also shows that Yorkies can understand and miss their owners, making it crucial for owners to spend quality time with their dogs whenever possible.

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