These Yorkies Show Us How to Perform Adorable Tricks

The below videos show absolutely adorable Yorkies performing some tricks they have learned.

Check out the first video below:

She is so cute the way she performs for the camera. She has been so well trained!

My favorite part is when she gives her human a high-five.

Now watch an adorable Yorkie puppy show off her stuff:

In this video you get to see a Yorkie puppy doing some tricks. It is too cute!

She is not as fine tuned as the Yorkie in the first video but I feel when she grows up she will be doing an amazing job too!

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Below I would like to share some information about how to train a Yorkie:

Firstly you must realise that even while Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent, they are very stubborn.

Remember this throughout your training journey to prepare for if or when things get tough!
Do not fear though, with persistence and a good plan you will be able to have a fully trained Yorkie in no time.

Some useful points to know before you begin are:

  • Yorkies respond well to positive reinforcement
  • Yorkies are considered an intelligent dog
  • Do not get angry or frustrated or punish your Yorkie
  • Reward your Yorkie with love, kisses and a treat for behaving well

There are a number of other important points though you can read more about training a Yorkie by clicking below.

Train your Yorkie Online with the help of a profession trainer

The main takeaway if you want to train your Yorkie effectively is that you need to establish a consistent schedule.

You need to be patient, be positive and make it a fun activity and bonding time between you and your Yorkie!

You can try an online dog training course by Clicking Here.

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