Yorkie Wins Charity Event with Adorable Trick

Emma Hollindale in TheYorkieClub

Only Yorkies can make something so simple so unbelievably adorable!

The video below will leave you smiling for hours.

Daisy Mae the Yorkie was brought along by her mom to a charity dog show for a little fun time.

She ended up winning third place for best trick!

Watch the video of her below:

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She may have won third prize at the show but in my opinion she totally deserves first place.

So how is that for awesome?

Going to a charity dog show just for fun and your adorable Yorkie ends up in the top three!

Only Yorkies can pull something so amazing off.

She made that trick look so simple yet powerful!

I don’t know how Yorkshire Terriers are able to do this – totally turn normal things into the cutest things ever.

This is part of the reason I made this website! So we can all celebrate the joy and love of Yorkies together.

You can tell she has a lovely mom who takes absolute great care of her.

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