Yorkie Throws Tantrum at Single Blueberry on Her Plate

Yorkie Throws Tantrum at Single Blueberry on Her Plate featured image

Source: Rumble / Allison Livesay McDougall

Ever seen a Yorkie throw a tantrum? Well, in the video below we have a Yorkie throwing a fit when she notices a single blueberry on her plate.

She is probably mad that there is only one left and she finished all the others.

Why else would a dog throw such a verbal fit!?

Regardless, it is so cute to watch.

Please allow a moment for the video to load.

Check out the video below:

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Yorkies throwing tantrums should have their own dedicated category on this website.

Because of the amount of hilarity that they produce.

This video, like many others featured on this website was originally uploaded to The Yorkie Club on facebook.

If you didn’t already know, The Yorkie Club is the biggest and best group on Facebook.

Obviously, I am totally 100% unbiased of course!

You can join it by clicking here.

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Source: Rumble / Allison Livesay McDougall

I love the way the Yorkie in the video fits her little t shirt so well.

You can obviously tell that she is accustomed to it.

However, since this video is about this Yorkie throwing a tantrum then maybe it is also possible she doesn’t like her t shirt that much!

Just kidding, we all know that Yorkies tolerate clothing very well.

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