Yorkie Throws Tantrum After Getting A Bath

This little Yorkie’s name is Chewy – and do you know one thing he hates? Baths!

It is pretty obvious he is not thoroughly enjoying himself when his human is giving him his bath.

On the plus side we all get to watch and laugh! Not laughing at the poor Chewy of course – we’re just laughing at his adorableness. I mean how can you not? He is certainly one of the cutest Yorkies on YouTube!

To see more of Chewy, check out his YouTube channel here: Woof Gang

It makes me smile seeing Chewy’s curious and confused little face when his human opens the conditioner / shampoo bottle and pours it on his hand. Chewy’s reaction is like: What the heck is that?!

Isn’t it hilarious how all Yorkies look the same during a bath? It’s like they change form into a rat!

When you bathe your Yorkies, you must make sure to wash them properly and likewise get all of the soap out of their beautiful hair. The reaction is the same as if we leave shampoo in our own hair after a shower.

Itchiness and scratching – not pleasant for anyone. Your Yorkie will thank you!

Chewy hates baths, as we can see in the video – his tantrum that he throws is adorable yet hilarious and I am so glad his human got it on camera for us all to bare witness.

How does your Yorkie react after a bath? Are they calm and content or angry and upset?

The way Yorkies are – you never know how they will react as each one has a different personality and since they think they are much bigger than they actually are – the results are as I have mentioned earlier, adorable and hilarious!

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