Yorkie Stolen From Couple on Anniversary trip is Finally Reunited

Yorkie Stolen From Couple on Anniversary trip is Finally Reunited - featured image

Source: Nextshark

Last week in San Francisco, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Leo was stolen right from a young couple’s car.

Jacqueline and Refugio Zvala were on a trip to San Francisco for their anniversary when the abduction occurred.

Jacqueline says she never leaves her Yorkie in her car. Though this time she felt that Leo, her beloved Yorkie was tired and cold after a long day of tours.

The couple left Leo in the car for an hour to let him sleep in his carrier, after returning Leo’s blanket was on the ground outside and the car window was destroyed.

Leo was reunited with his parents after someone contacted the authorities when they realized that the Yorkie they purchased was actually Leo, who was reported missing earlier.

After the Sheriff’s office was alerted of the stolen Yorkie being found: the officers contacted Jacqueline and Refugio and sent them a photo.

It was an instant moment of relief, joy and amazement – Jacqueline at this moment realised she would get to see and hold Leo again!

The couple drove all the way to Stockton in order to pick up Leo and reunite with him.

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