Yorkie Siblings Play Tug of War

Image: Roger Briere / Rumble

How many times can you watch Yorkies play tug of war before it gets old?

The answer is infinite.

I could sit and watch Yorkies just sleep all day and it would be better than most other things!

The Yorkies in the following video however, are finished sleeping and play tug of war like its life or death.

Watch below:

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Those two had such a blast with their little game until mom came and ruined the fun!

I don’t blame her one bit though, every one of us should understand by now the amazing chorus of noise that escapes the mouths of our Yorkies!

Isn’t it hilarious how Yorkies will just take over an entire room with their tiny feisty presence.

And this home has two Yorkies!

Most Yorkie owners I know only have one Yorkie.

Let us know in the comments how many Yorkies you have in your home!

Everyone knows by now it’s not a home without a Yorkie.

Sadly some people don’t yet know the joy of Yorkies.

I feel as the Yorkie popularity increases, the more videos will be shared and then Yorkies will takeover the world!

One can only dream.

It is 2022 now, let’s wait until 2025 and see just what percentage increase there is in Yorkie ownership.

I predict Yorkies will be more commonly seen and as more people see Yorkies the butterfly effect will occur!

One cannot look at a Yorkie and not fall in love.
It is scientifically impossible.

The result is of course that Yorkshire Terriers will become the single most popular dog breed in the world.

With Yorkies entering families and bringing countless joy to their humans the world over, the only impact is that the world will become a happier place.

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