Yorkie Saves Bird from Freezing to Death

Screenshot: Youtube

Not all heroes wear capes! Some wear collars.

Our precious Yorkies can be heroic in their own way. When we come home after a bad day, they are always there to make us smile.

They love us and never tire of expressing their overwhelming affection for us. Their love is unconditional, and this unconditional love and compassion extends beyond their immediate families! This is on full display in the video below.

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Lily and her owner were having fun in the snow when something caught Lily’s eye. It was obvious to her owner that something was troubling her. Lily’s owner made her way over to Lily to try and see what had caught her furbaby’s attention.

Nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to discover. With temperatures having plummeted that day, a small bird couldn’t find a warm place to shelter itself from the freezing conditions. Thank goodness Lily was there to save the day!

Lily’s owner was able to act quickly as a result of Lily’s compassion and concern for the freezing bird.

They were able to pick the bird up and wrap it in a blanket. Knowing this wasn’t going to be enough to warm it up. The two went inside and got the blow dryer. As the two of them used the blow dryer to warm up the tiny bird, something amazing happened! The little bird started showing signs that it wasn’t hurt, and that it was going to be okay.

After a few minutes under the warmth of the blow dryer, the little bird that Lily saved, started spreading its wings and completely understood that Lily and her owner were there to help.

Yorkie Saves Bird from Freezing to Death 3

Source: Youtube

Once it was all warmed up, it stood up and flew away back to the safety of its home.

Lily’s curiosity and compassion, upon discovery of the bird in distress, was able to alert her owner, and save an innocent life!

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