Yorkie Safety: Keeping your Yorkie Safe and Avoiding Dangerous Situations

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A big part of owning and taking care of a Yorkshire Terrier is making sure to keep them safe.

Why is this important?

As we all know, Yorkies are small dogs with a big attitude. This translates to a big load of ferocity in a tiny package.

Now ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem. But when other dogs are around, it can definitely be a problem that could potentially lead to terrible results.

A basic guideline here is simple to follow: when you have small dogs such as Yorkies, you need to think ahead and care for them as you would an infant child.

When you go for a walk or take your Yorkie out with you – you have to be aware of any potential threats.

Possible threats to your Yorkie include:

  • Big dogs: This is obvious, big dogs like Pit Bulls or German Shepherds will not take kindly to a Yorkie’s tenacity and barking. They will attack and the horrible part about this is that all it takes is one well-placed bite and the poor Yorkie may never recover fully.
  • Human thieves: Yorkies are one of the most popular dogs in the world. They are sold for high prices and because of this, thieves are always on the lookout for Yorkies to steal.

    Yorkies are easy to steal I am sad to say, all a thief needs to do is pick them up and place them in the car. It happens so often that you NEED to be aware of this.
  • Cars: Giant mechanical beasts are what cars are – especially around our little dogs. We must ensure that we have strong and secure leashes and a firm grip on the handle of the leash when we take our Yorkies outside our property.
  • Other animals: Depending on where you live, other animals can and do see small dogs such as Yorkies as food. I am referring to animals like Cougars, Coyotes, Wolves or even Bears.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

As I said before, we need to treat our Yorkies like children. Even though they sometimes prefer to be treated like kings or queens, we need to be patient but firm when it comes to safety.

You don’t want to take risks or chances. I have read too many cases of instances where people became too comfortable, they didn’t follow the advice I have given and their Yorkies have been stolen or even worse.

So just to recap:

Have a strong leash when out of your property, keep a firm grip on the handle in the event a big dog, a car, or a wild animal comes out of nowhere. Snatch your Yorkie up to your body and hold them with your life. Or pick them up in any time you feel uncomfortable, then head back to the safety of your home!

If you have an open garden and you are not outside with your Yorkies, make sure they have a way to get back inside in case a large bird, a wild animal or even a human thief tries its luck.

Listening to what I have written here will save you from heartache and devastation in the unlikely event something terrible happens to your Yorkie.

Your Yorkie looks up to you as their parent, you have the responsibility to keep them safe!

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