This is What Happens When a Yorkie is Left Home-Alone

How do our dogs react when we leave the house?

The answer depends on a number of things.

Including but not limited to the breed of dog and the number of other dogs in the house at the time.

In addition the availability of toys or other stimulating items within the house.

In the video below you will see a little Yorkie puppy remaining in the house after her human leaves.

A few cameras have been set up to capture her little routines.

It is too cute the way this little Yorkie runs up to the door when her owner leaves!

She’s like: “but dad I want to come with you! Pretty please.”

I know for a fact that if we could take our Yorkies with us everywhere, we would.

However sometimes that proves to not be possible since we can’t leave them in the car for long periods of time.

Still – it is definitely an adorable event every time I come home to my Yorkies who greet me.

They are so adorable it’s like they know how much I missed them.

I’m melting in my seat watching this video though.

This video makes me want to get another puppy – don’t blame me.

Yorkies are so lovable!

Watch the video below:

Watching this baby run around the house will instantly put a smile on your face.

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If you are routinely leaving the house and get conflicted and sad when you have to leave your precious Yorkies home alone, you can help them out by doing the following:

Get them a brother or sister:

What do I mean by this?

If you only have one Yorkie you are surely missing out.

Yorkies do better in pairs or even with three of them – they develop their own hierarchy of order and they all end up loving you equally.

Not to mention your house will be a happier place with more Yorkies in it. Just ask me – I have three Yorkies of my own and it is like the joy and happiness is multiplied with each.

Plus when I leave the house I know for a fact they will keep each other company and play and have fun together, eagerly awaiting my return.

Get them some toys:

I am going to link a few toys I bought for my Yorkies to help stimulate them and keep them active when left alone.

It is good for their mental as well as their physical health to be kept stimulated.

Especially in times of high stress or confusion such as when I leave the house.

The above toy is highly rated on Amazon as you can see, so you can start with getting this one for your Yorkies.

Thank you for reading!

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