Yorkie Puppy is Obsessed with Balloon

Yorkie Puppy is Obsessed with Balloon featured image

Source: Evelyn Ortiz / TheYorkieClub

How it that dogs are almost always in a playful mood?

Is it their innate nature of happiness?

Quite possibly, however it is also an important lesson in life that we should observe.

That is, have fun at all times even when it is hard.

The Yorkie puppy in the video below totally understands that.

This puppy is focused entirely on this balloon and I am thoroughly enjoying myself observing this cute moment.

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I don’t know what is cuter, baby Yorkies or baby humans. Since this website is dedicated to Yorkies I’m just going to say Yorkie babies are the cutest.

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has had these question and concerns.

The reason is that so many people out there opt not to have children these days and that is totally okay.

Instead, many people opt to have an adorable dog to take care of!

The world’s population is increasing to the point of disaster and we need more people to instead choose to have a dog or two to take care of.

Don’t get me wrong, humans are okay, babies especially. The fact is however, the earth can not support an endlessly increasing population of us.

If Yorkies were overpopulating the earth that would not be a problem!

In fact that would be heaven, truthfully I picture heaven as a place where all the world’s innocent creatures live in harmony – especially Yorkies!

Regardless, the video above totally proves just how cute Yorkies are.

A simple clip of a Yorkie puppy playing with a balloon is enough to lift my spirits and entertain me thoroughly.

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