Yorkie Puppy Experiences a Car Wash for the First Time

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The above video shows the experience of the inside of a car while it is getting washed.

For a Yorkshire Terrier, this is a very exciting and potentially scary experience!

You can tell by his reaction that he is both excited and scared.

I wouldn’t call this animal cruelty but it certainly can’t be a relaxing fun time for the little guy. I feel bad for him!

When the water hose is sprayed at the window you can see his reaction. It goes from interested to scared very quickly… I can understand why it would appear funny to his owner but maybe for the poor little Yorkie it isn’t so funny.

We must be mindful of our Yorkies feelings when we do things with them.

The little Yorkie in the video is scared. You can tell by his ears and the fact he runs away from the window as soon as the loud noise and impact of the powerful hose is used.

Maybe I should not be so pessimistic but as I said I feel bad for the little guy!

Oh well, we shouldn’t judge too harshly because the Yorkie in the video is taken care of well. He looks well fed and has a carrier car seat so we know his parents love him and take care of him.

The video is cute but also sad.

We can tell the Yorkie is anxious at the very least. Due to his actions and the sounds he makes – he is wondering what on earth is going on outside!

As I said, we as Yorkie owners must be mindful of our Yorkies feelings.

Let me know if I am being too dramatic! I think I am.

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